SME Finance Accounting and Bookkeeping

You Do It

Want to do your own books?

We will set you up with our own  unique process using fully integrated best of class software

We Do It

Want to focus on your business and let us do the admin?

We have that covered for a low monthly fee.

SME Business

Enabling Success

​Your success comes from your ambition and perseverence. Business relies on Blue Betty to enable their goals by bringing ideas, and experience to the areas that are not ​core business. Allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Your success comes from your ambition and perseverence. Businesses rely on Blue Betty to enable their goals by briing ideas, and experience to the areas that are not your core business. Allowing you to do what you do best.

Unlimited Support

You always have access to your accountant on the phone, email or through our online helpdesk. However, our team keeps your accounts up to date on a weekly basis, including reconciliation and VAT returns.

Reports? Oh Yes!

You make decisions that need to be based on hard facts. Facts have never looked so good as Blue Betty reports, and we can even do proactive alerts sent direct to your email inbox.

Our Reporting Service Really Drives Your Business Forward

Information is Essential to Your Success! See your Business Like Never Before


We keep a constant eye on your cash-flow. Not just current, but your forecast bank balance


How are your costs being managed? Are you controlling costs and maximising profit?

Sales & Profit

Are your most profitable customers the one's which pay you the most? We give you the insight.

Your Success Depends on Decisions that Take You in the Right Direction

Make Decisions with Clear Insights

You know your decisions affect your financials, but shouldn't your financials also affect your decisions?

Don't put your business at risk by inadvertently looking through the rear view mirror. We help you unlock the insights into your business so you can make informed, forward looking decisions, based on timely information.​

Don't Settle for Second Class Solutions

We Only Use The Best of Breed Applications and Platforms

Combining Non-Financial Data, Such as Web Traffic, With Your Financial Data to Get a Complete Picture of Your Business

Non Financial Data is Often the Key

We call them 'Predictive Indicators', because knowing these numbers show you how your business is likely to change in the coming months.

Traditional Accounts tell you what happened in the past, but bring the financial performance of the business together with indicators of future performance, such as web traffic, conversion rates, or even customer satisfaction numbers...

... and now you have a true 360 degree view of your business.​

We'll Create Detailed Forecasts, and Monitor Progress Against Your Targets

We Don't Do Bad Budgets

We use what is called a 3-way forecast to build a budget and forecast for the year ahead.

Many businesses still focus on just the P&L when building a budget. Our 3-Way forecasts give you a 360 degree view of how you're going to grow your business.

By doing this, you'll know not only what you P&L will look like through the the year, but also whether you can afford it with generated cash-flow.​

Is Your Business Taking Off?

If Performance is Under Par, Knowing Quickly Means a Chance to Make Corrections

Performance monitoring one key to driving successful growth. If you can capture the data, we can integrate and report it.

Whether it is measuring team performance of the sales of products and service lines.

Noticing what is doing well and you might decide to  put some extra oomph behind it.

Notice what is under-performing and it might lead to questions on the marketing strategy or effectiveness. ​